Does Short Hair Make Me Look Fatter

Does Short Hair Make Me Look Fatter

There are many hairstyles which are suitable for many face types. There is nothing called one to one solution. It is always one too many. Generally, short hair will give a wide spectrum of the face. The meaning is, the entire face will be visible. We cannot arrive at a judgement that short hair will not be suitable for round faces. See here short bob for round faces to confirm this judgement.

The short hair makes face look fatter – This statement needs a lot of analysis before the conclusion.

You have to understand that any good hairstyle is always about balance and proportion. When a hairstyle fails to give a good balance and proportion, the individual will showcase the negatives of his or her look. There are several parameters to be judged with, before concluding the statement, short hairs make me look fatter.

Short hair makes me look fatter!! –  Is it so?

short haircut for round facesThe statement “short hair makes me look fatter” is ridiculous. I will explain to you how. If a woman is tall and thin, with a long narrow and angular face, and her hair is cut short above the chin which some volumes on the sides, it will create horizontal focus and will help the face appear fuller and minimise the thickness.

But if the hair is very short even above the chin, and there is too much volume, it will make the individual appear thinner. This is because it will give a vertical focus of the face.

Now let us try the same on the contrary, if another version has everything in similar in the opposite direction, imagine the outcome.

short hair look fatterShort hair greatly helps to elongate the round face. When the short haircut is more of volume and lips in the top Lehar closed on the sides will give a great vertical focus. Its supposed style gives a horizontal focus the face will look wider and heavier. This is possible with a blunt Bob and curly hair.

And again if the short hair is cut even more shortly, the cat will be out of proportion to the entire figure. This will make the face look fat as the hair looks very small.

Show the answer to the question, is that short hair will make you look both fatter and thinner. Short hair for round faces is suitable for all. It all depends upon the healthy volume of hair. Have a nurturing routine for your hair and make it look healthy. It will give a proper balance and proportion to your hair. Additionally, it will also make any style of work.