How to Make Long Hair Look Short Like a Boy

How to Make Long Hair Look Short Like a Boy

Ever wondered if you could make your hair look shorter? However, what if you hate cutting it? Well, you won’t have to cut it at all, can still get a fabulous look right out of the salon, and can get your desired look in minutes. There are some amazing follow-on ideas for you where you can just get a hold of some general stuff at your home and can look like your brother in no time!

Why get a short hair look?

There are many reasons why one would want his/her hair look shorter. It can be for a prank, some cosplay or a Halloween party or just can be a look you want to match with your dress. But what if you don’t want to cut your long and beautiful hair? Then you may probably need some tips to make long hair look short like a boy.

How to get short hairs?

There are many techniques provided by various hairdressers or celebrities on how to rock any look you are trying. Many dresses look stunning with long hair while some dresses call for short hair. So here are some easy and amazing ways to make your hair look shorter.

  • Faux Lob:

This one is the most famous and effective way to make your hair look shorter. You will need a curling iron, but you can use a straightener as well, in case you don’t have it. You may need to take sections of hairs to make curls or any abstract shape than the straight hair. This will reduce the length of your hair. Make a braid out of your hair then can pull it up for some time to provide it with any curl possible.

hair short without cutting

  • Tuck in:

Yes, you can tuck your hair in your polo-neck to make your hair look shorter. You just have to tuck the long strands into the neck of your clothing to give the needed illusion.

  • Pin-up:

Yes, you can just pin your hair up. If you don’t want to curl your hair and leave it the straight razor look it is, then you can pin up long hair to look short.

So there can be many other ways of how to make your hair short without cutting it, but these are the fastest and the most effective ways to make your hair look shorter and appealing without cutting your amazing long hairs.