Get Beautiful Locks And Voluminous Looking Hair With Magnetic Hair Rollers

Get Beautiful Locks And Voluminous Looking Hair With Magnetic Hair Rollers

All of us are both with different colours and texture of hair ranging from silky straight to bouncy curly. Now and then we wish to sport some beautiful and twisted locks of hair, especially during special occasions as they make us appear a little different than our usual selves. However, not all of us are born with naturally curly hair, but no worries as we can make our hair look bouncy and curly in a fuss-free way using magnetic hair rollers.

magnetic hair rollers

What are the steps to use the magnetic hair rollers?

You can get beautifully swirly hairdos using magnetic rollers without ever having to pick up your old, traditional wooden rollers that took hours to work with. You can get any curly hairstyle using the new magnetic rollers in a few simple steps as given below:

  • Wet your hair and clean them using your favourite shampoo
  • Make your hair is properly detangled before you proceed
  • Section your hair in manageable parts
  • Attach the paper ends on the end of your hair sections, secure and roll to the top and secure with a clip. Follow the same steps to roll all the other segments in a manner to give a natural curl and fall
  • Let dry the entire night; you can also use a blow dryer to dry your hair or use a hooded dryer by sitting under it.
  • After your hair is completely dried up the next morning, leave them to cool, for 15 to 20 minutes. Once it is all done, undo all the magnets attached to your hair and get a beautiful, voluminous, curly hairstyle.

curly hairstyle

There are a variety of hair curlers and rollers available out there in the market such as traditional wooden rollers, comfortable rollers made of cloth and sponge, easy to sleep with at night, plastic curlers and rollers that come with vents and holes for the proper passing of air, iron rollers, etc.

Even pins, hairbands or simple hair braids can be used for making your hair look curly; however, the primary difference between all these different varieties of curlers and rollers and the new magnetic rollers is that hair curling with magnetic curlers leaves your hair much smoother and gives long-lasting curls.

Taking into consideration all that has been mentioned above, we understand that the new magnetic curlers are an innovative way of creating wavy yet comfortable hairdos and looking fashionably ahead of all.